Healthy youth. Strong families.
Thriving communities.

Good health is more than just good healthcare — it begins with the basics like healthy food, clean air, safe housing, and equitable treatment.

Concerned Citizens Community Involvement believes that all people should have access to quality healthcare and healthy communities. People should be defined by their potential, not their circumstances.

Our healthy living partnerships and goals are formulated to:

  • Address the pressing health needs of Black & Latinx youth families & children
  • Offer educational and training resources that can lead to improvements in health outcomes
  • Build cross-sector partnerships to leverage resources and deepen impact

CCCI works directly with South L.A. communities to identify needs and organize around them. We also work with community-based organizations, policymakers, healthcare payers, and other entities to identify and implement culturally relevant and practical solutions.

Our collaborative community health network is  made up of healthcare innovators with experience, including:

  • Leading healthcare organizations (e.g., Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare)
  • Executives of community-based organizations (e.g., Shared Harvest)
  • Foundations
  • Healthcare administrators and leaders in integrated systems of care
  • Policy advisors to elected officials

At CCCI, we believe health is a human right. Our community health resources ensure that all South L.A. families and youth have equal access to quality health.

Health is a human right.

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