Advancing equity
through STEM.

Digital equity is achieved when all individuals and communities have the technology access and skills to fully participate in our society, democracy, and economy.

Through our STEM training & digital technology access program, Digital Bytes, we have helped students “take a byte” out of the digital divide and provide South L.A. youth, families, and adults with:

  • Chromebooks and laptops
  • WiFi hot spots
  • Training in technology for work, career opportunities, or academic needs
  • Low-cost home internet

Since 2013, Concerned Citizens Community Involvement also has led the Limitless Initiative- a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) based initiative. Its purpose is to bridge the educational resource gap by empowering our students to master STEM. We want students to learn, apply and succeed in achieving their academic and professional goals through the following programs:

Robotics- Using the KISS Institute of Practical Robotics “Junior Botball® Challenge” curriculum, we can build excitement, knowledge, and understanding of STEM. Students take pride in their ability to design, program, and develop technology to problem solve. The program provides equipment, software, curriculum, and professional development to elementary, middle, and high school educators (K-12) to enable them to teach their students to write computer code coupled with real-life applications of the engineering design process.

Business Incubator- Our Limitless Incubator combines business, technology, and entrepreneurship by incubating tech business ideas and connecting youth with industry mentors and potential investors. Participants develop knowledge in Business Fundamentals, Marketing, and Financing through problem-based learning. In 2019, Limitless Incubator participants presented their pitch for a problem-solving app at the Regional Technovation competition.

Podcast Incubator- The Limitless Podcast Incubator is facilitated through a partnership with CCCI’s Limitless Academy, Project Transition, and Spotify. Key partners and program mentors include notable television, radio, and podcast personalities, including Marcellus Wiley (Fox Sports), Bill Simmons (The Ringer), Ryen Russillo (The Ringer), and Van Lathan (TMZ). Our Podcast Incubator is a 6-week program offered quarterly with two hours of instruction every week. We currently partner with Audubon Middle School and other community partners to facilitate our programming and outreach.

Limitless Alumni Network- In 2021, CCCI launched its inaugural Limitless Alumni Network to strengthen connections, mentorship, and support for Limitless program participants. Alumni are eligible for college scholarships to support them in their future academic and career endeavors.

CCCI’s STEM programming proudly serves primarily Black and Latinx youth and young adults. We prioritize outreach and recruitment of women and girls of color to bridge the gender divide in STEM.

We help ‘take a byte’
out of the digital divide.

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