Providing a home and
a future with promise.

There is a shortage of rental homes affordable and available to extremely low-income households (ELI), whose incomes are at or below the poverty guideline or 30% of their area median income (AMI).

Many of these households are severely cost-burdened, spending more than half of their income on housing. Severely cost-burdened poor households are more likely than other renters to sacrifice other necessities like healthy food and healthcare to pay the rent and to experience unstable housing situations like evictions.

Concerned Citizens Community Involvement’s advocacy for youth, families, and seniors impacted by homelessness lends a voice at the city, state, and national levels to help provide stable housing in South L.A. communities.

Through CCCI’s housing initiatives and programs, we work within communities to:

  • Provide housing resources through special programs and projects
  • Expand the supply of low-income housing, and
  • Establish housing stability for South L.A. families & senior citizens

Concerned Citizens Community Involvement aims to produce sustainable improvements in health and quality of life for South L.A. communities by expanding our programming and services to include affordable housing developments, housing services, and property management.

CCCI’s housing development programs
help youth, families, and seniors access
stable housing.

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