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Concerned Citizens Community Involvement has been a shepherd of faith-based partnership programs that are designed to help educate residents on healthy behaviors and systems change opportunities related to community health.

Kaiser Permanente is progressively transforming the way they deliver care and support our community by developing collaborative partnerships with local faith-based organizations. Kaiser’s Faith-Based Partnership Program (FBPP) establishes a supportive network of partners and volunteers to educate and empower the community through health lectures, health coaching, and visitation ministry following hospitalization.

As an active partner of the Faith-Based Partnership Program (FBPP), Concerned Citizens Community Involvement is able to establish, educate, and offer healthcare system navigation supports to optimize the health outcomes for the diverse populations we serve.

The FBPP is currently being piloted at Southside Church of Christ and utilizes a three-pronged approach:

  • Health Lecture Series
  • Health Coaches
  • Post-Hospitalization/Post-Surgery Home Visitation

   The goals of the FBPP are to:

  • Improve health outcomes for program participants
  • Provide tools, resources, and education for program participants to better manage their health at home (after an extended hospital stay, or outpatient surgery)
  • Create an additional transition to home networks for discharged patients

The Weight of the Nation documentary series and public health campaign present a unique opportunity to spotlight the severity of the obesity epidemic, to showcase strategies that work, and, most importantly, to catalyze action to end obesity. Citizens Community Involvement is proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente on this community health initiative by hosting screenings, sharing resources and literature.

With the right combination of competencies, family investment, and community support, every child regardless of socio-economic status, can adopt a healthy lifestyle that will last.

CCCI design help educate
residents on healthy behaviors
and systems change opportunities
related to community health

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